Herbal Healing

This blog is dedicated to herbal healing and other natural health remedies. In an attempt to deepen my own knowledge, I will share information on a variety of herbs, focusing largely on easy to find Western plants, as well as methods for preparing herbal medicines and natural beauty treatments. I am not a certified herbalist, licensed cosmetologist, or physician, so please use the information on this blog at your own risk! I've been an aspiring herbalist for several years, and I hope to finally get my certification sometime this year.

Do you know any herbs or natural ingredients that numb when applied topically? Preferably something that isn't a pre-made product but a singular ingredient.

Camphor and menthol have a numbing effect on the skin, but they are extremely pungent and need to be used in moderation since the fumes can have negative side effects.  I  purchased this awesome topical cream from a local green shop that is make with camphor, menthol, and white willow bark - it numbs and cools painful spots on contact, kind of like Icy-Hot! 

hello lovely (: any other herbalism blogs to recommend? sorry if you've answered this previously.
Do you have any idea what sort of herbs would be good for hives?

I highly suggest aloe, which when applied topically, helps reduce inflammation and provides a protective coating to prevent further irritation.  Aloe is naturally cooling to inflamed skin tissue and relieves burning, itching, redness, stinging, and pain associated with hives.

What can you suggest for my mother's burning skin?

Can you shed more light on this?  Did she burn her skin from a heat source, or does her skin have a burning feeling from some sort of rash?  Aloe always my go-to natural source for burns, and herbs like calendula, chickweed, plantain, and yarrow are amazing for soothing all types of skin irritation.

Just wanted to suggest for your DIY Deodorant - if you heat up the coconut oil it becomes liquidy, so it's much easier to combine with the other ingredients. You could probably whisk everything together then.

Thanks for the suggestion!  Any constructive criticism is always welcomed.

could you do a post on borage?

Yes, I can definitely do this!  Look for a borage post in the near future.  Thanks for the recommendation.  xo.

What mixture would you recommend for a breast enhancement cream?

Breast enhancement products are a myth, whether they are factory-produced or “all natural.”  There is no herb that can magically make your breasts bigger, darling, so I suggest you take some time to reflect and make peace with your body.  Trust me, I know it’s no small feat, as I have had many body image issues myself… but there’s no point in pinning your hopes on fantasy creams and lotions and pills that are supposed to “fix” you.

I have finals coming up in about two weeks. Would you recommend starting to take Ginko Biloba supplements to help stimulate memory improvement and retention for the tests?

So I’m guessing you asked me this question a while ago and that final have come and gone.  Sorry!  I shall answer it anyway for anyone else interested. 

In most cases, taking an herb internally isn’t going to be effective immediately unless it’s something to help you get to sleep or soothe the stomach.  Herbalism is about steady, preventative medicine, so it’s best to take a powerful herb like ginko at least a month or two before you desire its full effect.  Ginko tends to have a very wide range of effects on body and mind.

Your blog is so useful and fantastic. I am enthralled with all the information you have given us <3

Thank you my lovely moon child!

hello, LOVING your blog, randomly stumbled across it when i searched infused oils on tumblr, just wondering the shelf life of the shampoo recipe you posted?

Thanks so much for the kind words! The shampoo generally has a short shelf-life, about 1 month.  The herbal infusion in the shampoo sometimes goes rancid after that.  However, check the shampoo and see if it’s smelling funky - if nothing seems off scent-wise, you should be okay. :)